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그냥노창 싱글 [없는계절] 발표
조회수 1063   |  작성일 2022.04.04   |  작성자 최고관리자
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그냥노창 싱글 [없는계절] 발표

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"없는계절 (Feat. 아이네, C JAMM, YUNHWAY)"
: 새소년 '난춘' 리믹스
Lyrics by 그냥노창
Composed by 황소윤, 그냥노창
Arranged by 그냥노창
Mixed by 그냥노창
Mastered by 그냥노창

Artist : 그냥노창
Executive Producer : Jihoon Moon
A&R, Marketing : Narae Shin, Dayoung Lee