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스윙스, 정규 5집 [Upgarde Ⅲ] 발표
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스윙스, 정규 5집 [Upgarde Ⅲ] 발표
스윙스 정규 5집 [Upgarde Ⅲ] 발표

*Track List
01.  Upgrade III (Prod. By 김신)
02.  Jon Snow (Feat. DEAN) (Prod. By Lnb)
03.  Shit Is Real (Feat. The Quiett, 기리보이, Kid Milli) (Prod. By IOAH)
04.  2007 (Prod. By IOAH)
05.  Master Mind (Prod. By Squabby Doo)
06.  Young CEO (Feat. Bully Da Ba$tard) (Prod. By Squabby Doo)
07.  Octagon (Feat. NO:EL) (Prod. By IOAH)
08.  문 뒤 (Feat. Tommy Strate) (Prod. By Offair)
09.  Wave (Prod. By 김신)
10.  0개국어
11.  Visit You (Feat. Colde) (Prod. By IOAH)
12.  진료기록 (Prod. By GRAY)
13.  Holy (Prod. By 천재노창)
14.  매일 Intro
15.  매일 (Feat. 버벌진트) (Prod. By IOAH)
16.  The End